How To Send Large File ( 30 GB ) Via Email ?

filemail large 30 GB email file size

Yes we all send files as emails but the main problem was file size limits of the free email service providers,don’t worry this any more now you can send files up to 30 GB for free. So who gives this facility for free ? Its Filemail that lets you send 30 GB for free About


How To Quickly Submit Sitemap To Google,Bing,Yahoo And Ask?

site map submission to google,bing,yahoo,ask

Sitemap a quick glimpse Sitemap is a map which gives a hint about your site to search engines when you have a blog or website.Many of us will be using Google and Bing webmaster to submit our sitemap.But when you have a new domain name or blog it will take some time to get approval


How To Start Your Own Cloud Storage Without Touching Code

owncloud private cloud

Now a days cloud storage service is gaining popularity than the file sharing sites.Take the example of some which was previously filesharing sites is now offering cloud service. Whats are differences between those two service?First is the money that you can earn,many file sharing sites offer you some bugs when the file uploaded by you


How To Reduce Server Load Of Your WordPress Blog

server rack

This is the area thats hardly looked by many bloggers.Many go for improving the speed of the blog by using some plugins or by playing with the WordPress code of your blog and some choose premium hosting with high payment.Yes by choosing premium hosting you can improve the speed of the to some extend,you need


How To Quickly Index Your Blog Post In Google And Bing?

google and bing submission

This tutorial will help you to quickly index your blog post in Google and Bing search engines,in turn you will get some traffic. So before starting the tutorial your website should be verified on Google webmaster tool and on Bing webmaster to understand this tutorial clearly. If you haven’t verified your website you can use


How To Automatically Ping To Google?


Need to get more traffic from google,but dont know how? This guide will help you to do that. You need to have a wordpress CMS,before proceeding. Auto Ping Booster helps you to automatically submit your website artilcle,posts to google blogsearch. Just download the plugin and upload to your wordpress and the rest is automated by


How to Convert your WAP site into Android App within seconds!


AdIQuity launches its latest product “AppNow”, a free one click solution to convert any WAP site into an Android app. This is a great opportunity for mobile site owners to make their content available on Android app. AppNow tool creates an Android App version of your wapsite at NO COST. With the help of new


How To Send Automated Reply in GMAIL?

1. Login to your gmail account. 2. Click on the settings in the right corner as shown. 3. It will drop down a menu,select “Settings” from that as high-lighted in the pic. 4. Then select “General” tab and scroll to bottom you can see a heading named “Vacation responder” turn it on,write your subject and


How To Set A Master Password In Firefox?

Why master password is required in Firefox or any other browser? Consider that you have set an alpha numeric password for your mailing account or for your social account,since you are always visiting those site constantly you will be saving those passwords in your web browser which automatically puts your username and password when you