PartyShark Version App Review: Locate and Join Parties Around You


If you are a party freak and looking for a platform to access the parties organized around you, PartyShark is there for you. PartyShark has been around for months, and people are rejoicing parties through this app.

Yes, this app is very special for those who love partying. PartyShark has been updated to its latest version with a couple of new features you must check. Everything you need to know about the PartyShark app is given in this PartyShark Version 1.3 App Review!

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What is PartyShark?

PartyShark is a kind of social app that engages you with like-minded people. Here, like-minded people mean those who like partying. The app is a full package for party freaks as it helps you celebrate your special days by organizing parties.

You can even explore the parties around you by simply exploring the list of nearby locations. Yes, the app allows you to have access to all the parties that have been organized by others around you. You can purchase a pass or can have contacts for further discussions and more.

With the new PartyShark Version 1.3, the makers have added two new highly requested features to the app. We will talk about both features in detail in the list of its features given below!

PartyShark 1.3 Key Features:

Locating Parties

The app is like a great companion for party freaks as it helps them locate the parties around. Explore the list of parties happening around your home. The app fetches your current location and gets you the list of parties that you can attend. The app will display the list of parties that are open to all.

You just need to explore the list of parties, select the party name for more information about the party, and pay for the tickets. Your information will be kept safe. It is that simple!

Create Parties

You can start your own business using this app. Yes, you can create and manage parties using this app. The app can be the perfect host of yours where you can create a party event and make it open for all. You can invite other professionals for your parties who can help you throughout the event time such as musicians, DJs, caterers, etc. You can hire them instantly once you are satisfied with their portfolios!

Quick Negotiation

If you are organizing a party, you can get vendors right through this app to make your event a successful one. To make it even more beneficial for you, you can negotiate with the vendors who are ready to work with you. The app lets you explore the list of vendors available, you can select the type of vendor you want and start negotiating.

Guest Checkout

Guest Checkout is a new feature added to the new version 1.3 of the PartyShark app. The feature lets you rejoice at the party without signing into the app. Users no longer need to download the PartyShark app just to get tickets to an event with this new feature.

Hide Attendees

Hide Attendees is yet another feature added to the app’s latest version. It is related to the privacy of the users who are utilizing the PartyShark app to explore events or to purchase tickets. The new hide attendees feature will not disclose the names of those who are going to join the party. One will never know who is going to come into the party with this privacy control feature on the PartyShark app.

How to use the PartyShark app?

Using the PartyShark app is super easy as it doesn’t ask for any type of special skills. Just install the app and start exploring the parties. The following steps will show you how you can use the PartyShark app.

Steps to use PartyShark

The first thing you need to do is download and install the PartyShark app on your device. Go to the respective app store and install the app. Once the app is installed, launch it on your device.

The first page will show you some instructions for the app. Skip those instructions and you will be presented with a login page. Since you are new here, you can sign up for the app by using one of the given features. If you already have an account, enter your login credentials to log in.

As soon as you are logged in, the app will fetch your current location here. You can press the Create Party button to create and launch a new party event in New York City.

You can even see the list of people who are around you and using this app. You can easily communicate with them using this app.

On the front-page, you will be presented with the parties happening around. You can select the party from the list, get more details about the party, purchase tickets online and rejoice.

Click the upper left corner, you can see the dropdown menu with useful options from where you can view your profile-related information here.

Our Thoughts!

PartyShark serves a user-friendly interface which makes it everyone’s favorite app. There are limited apps with such cool features on the web. It is a dedicated party app for party freaks as it is a location-based app that lets you search for the parties around.

Moreover, the app allows you to meet like-minded people. It is more of a social gathering app than just a partying app. You can see the list of like-minded people, can chat with them, can explore the list of vendors for organizing a party, and do a lot of things within this one single app i.e. PartyShark!

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