How To Send Large File ( 30 GB ) Via Email ?

filemail large 30 GB email file size

filemail large 30 GB email file sizeYes we all send files as emails but the main problem was file size limits of the free email service providers,don’t worry this any more now you can send files up to 30 GB for free.

So who gives this facility for free ?

Its Filemail that lets you send 30 GB for free

About Filemail is a Norwegian based service for sending large files. The service has been online since 2008 and served over 50 million files. Filemail was the first service to provide a 2GB sending limit without registration to its user.

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Do they lets you to send files for free without registering ?

Yes head to and fill in those empty boxes like To (email),From (email),Subject don’t worry you can leave it or just fill the info,these are optional.

How to send the file ?

Just upload the file that you want to share to friend,click send,done.So whats the speed of uploading,we have to say that it depends on your connection speed.

Like uploading speed downloading speed also depends on your speed of your connectivity, and if there are multiple files have to downloaded then you can zip it download as a single file.

What all comes with filemail as free user ?

  • Filesize limitation 30 GB
  • The file you uploaded will be available for a period of seven days
  • No limits on number of downloads

Apart from free services they also offers paid service with more features in it.

Filemail Pro Account $9 per month

  • No filesize limitation
  • The file you uploaded will be available for a period of 30 days
  • No limits on number of downloads

Filemail business Account $15 per month

  • This plan has got every premium feature that they are offering


Break your default mail file size cap with

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    good article , my computer always hang went i send 30GB file

    good job

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