Filestream Cloud Storage Free Online File Backup Review

filestream free unlimited cloud storage

In the present scenario cloud storage has its importance. There are many free as well as paid cloud services available. is one which provides the services like free online file storage. Their attractive user interface is pleasing to our eyes and their efficient services are impressive to our minds. We can select two different languages one is English and another is Russian. In present day context it is important to select a proper cloud service to store your personal files because our ultimate aim is protection of files. So before selecting the service let’s have a look at the


Download Google Drive 1.14

Google Drive Its a simple software designed to fulfill your day to day cloud needs of your PC by syncing  the files to online cloud storage to Google, Google Drive  . Features of Google Drive • Create, analyze & build stuff with more Google apps • Easily get your stuff in Drive. • Safe, secure, shareable. • Open and edit Microsoft Office documents, spreadsheets, and presentations on your phone or tablet. • Quickly create, access and organize notes, lists and photos with Google Keep. • Access what you need, wherever you go. • Run a survey, or quickly create a


Dropbox v2.7.30 Experimental Build

Dropbox v2.7.30 is now available for download,this version is an experimental build from the Dropbox. What’s new in Dropbox v2.7.30 > Pre-authorized installers for Windows and Mac OS X. > Notification when your hard disk is full. > Native UI for shared folder invitation and management. > Other small fixes! Download Dropbox v2.7.30 For Windows Download Dropbox v2.7.30 for Mac Download Dropbox v2.7.30 for Linux


1 Terabyte (TB) Of Cloud for Free & Forever From Mail.RU

cloud promo 1 tb

1 TB of free cloud space is offered from for free. How to get this whooping 1 TB of cloud storage for free ? 1. Signup for an account at the page is in English. 2. Open this link at the page is in Russian,you can translate the page into English with Google Chrome or Firefox readers may read this : Automatic Google Website translator Addon For Firefox. 3. Click on Get Button. (big black button located at bottom centre of page as seen in the first picture of this post ). 4. Download their cloud app either on windows/linux/mobile


How To Send Large File ( 30 GB ) Via Email ?

filemail large 30 GB email file size

Yes we all send files as emails but the main problem was file size limits of the free email service providers,don’t worry this any more now you can send files up to 30 GB for free. So who gives this facility for free ? Its Filemail that lets you send 30 GB for free About Filemail is a Norwegian based service for sending large files. The service has been online since 2008 and served over 50 million files. Filemail was the first service to provide a 2GB sending limit without registration to its user. You may also like :


How To Start Your Own Cloud Storage Without Touching Code

owncloud private cloud

Now a days cloud storage service is gaining popularity than the file sharing sites.Take the example of some which was previously filesharing sites is now offering cloud service. Whats are differences between those two service?First is the money that you can earn,many file sharing sites offer you some bugs when the file uploaded by you is downloaded by say 1000 times by others and when some signsup for a premium plan with your refferal link,but with cloud storage you may not earn bugs when users download your file for 1000 times,rather you may exhaust bandwidth for that particular file or


QuickOffice App Is now Free With Extra 10GB Gdrive Space

quickoffice app

Quik Intro Into App The Google Quickoffice app provide us with an easy way for editing Microsoft Office documents across your various devices, giving us the flexibilty and ability to work with anyone no matter what hardware or software they’re using. Now you can get this Quickoffice app for Android and iOS for free. Whats More! Google has also integrated Google Quickoffice suite with GDrive storage,so you can safely access all your files from anywhere and is offering an extra 10GB of cloud storage for a limited time with the service for free for two years.To Grab this offer sign


Get Free 100GB Free Online Storage In A Single Catch Review a new comer to cloud service offers 100GB of space free for its users and always more for its premium users. Shared is unique in its own way by offering free 100GB of space on signup for all the users, I mean no need to  of any referral programs to get that much amount of online space. Shared can considered as an alternative to various other prominent player in this sector. Whats more,you can also earn with shared. Check out the pros and cons for free users Pros Storage 100GB. Easy and use friendly interface,with drag and


Get Free Unlimited Amout Of Space

Files ninja is basically a file sharing site,in short.Files ninja provide a simple and clean way to upload and download Files for FREE. The website Offers tremendous download speeds for FREE without asking to create a Premium account. The PROS AND CONS of the site are given below: Pros Just Signup will give you unlimited space,i mean no referrals are needed like other sites. Store unlimited amount of data in each account. NO file deletion,if the files remain inactive. No limitation on bandwidth per account or file. NO speed capping. NO account deletion,if you haven’t logged in for many days.


New Free Cloud Storage

COPYCopy is a new cloud storage which helps us to securely backup our valuable data.Features Gives you 15GB of free storage on successful signups. Get 5GB extra space with your referal link. Upload files of any size(depending on your alloted storage). CLICK HERE TO SIGNUP.