How To Reduce Server Load Of Your WordPress Blog

server rack

server rack

This is the area thats hardly looked by many bloggers.Many go for improving the speed of the blog by using some plugins or by playing with the WordPress code of your blog and some choose premium hosting with high payment.Yes by choosing premium hosting you can improve the speed of the to some extend,you need a proper configuration to reach bleeding speed.Many of Free hosting are using cloud technology at the back end that many didn’t know,so with proper configuration with free hosting can load your site at blazing speed that’s offered by premium hosting provider for eg:-you can test homepage of this site on or Google pageinsights,even though we are from free hosting and takes only less than 3sec to load.

Visitor to your site not here to see the look or the style of your site,they are here to just to read the contents of your blog.If you are using so many plugins at the backend,each time your wordpress site is loaded the plugins contents are also loaded invisibly which in turn puts up the server load and slow down your website.And when ever you crosses the server load limits that is 25 for many of the premium hosting plans and 10 for freehosting ,you can see a message “CPU LIMIT EXCEEDED“this message will be shown on your site for the entire day.This is one of the worst thing that can happen to newbie bloggersSo guys throw away your unwanted or fancy plugins,use only minimum plugins.
Its a hectic job to find out the server load of each activated plugin that you are using in your blog.One way to find out the server load of each plugin is by deactivating each one of them individually and then login into hosting cpanel to check the server load.Another simple method is by using a plugin called P3 – Plugin  Profiler developed by Godaddy,you can download this plugin and activate this plugin as like the one you are doing for all other plugins.After activation click on scan option from plugins>installed plugins (or from tools P3 – Plugin  Profiler)then click on scan and manual scan from the popup,it will open your sites home page in an embedded mode,click on i am done button at the bottom left side.The plugin will give the info about server load of almost all the activated plugin in a pie chart model.

p3 Plugin Performance Profiler screen shot

Server load chart generated by the plugin

From the various chart findout the plugin that uses most percent of the server load,and if it dont mind you throw that plugin away.Note that even if you are using two plugins activated,P3 – Plugin  Profiler will show the server load usage considering that two plugins (ie if one plugin is having server load of 60% then the remaining plugin will have a load of say 40%).So use the plugins thats needed by you.

Some other techniques

  • Try to use content delivery network(CDN) like cloudflare to save your bandwidth and to reduce server loads.
  • Use a premium or free theme from a premium theme creator,if you are using any framework with child theme choose the correct child theme.
  • Dont stay logged to admin panel for hours ie do the work and log out.
  • Dont prep up your blogs home page with 15 or 20 posts.

Hope your blog loads at bleeding speed after applying what have written in this post.

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  1. 1

    thankz bro. let me try this.

  2. 3

    Thank you for this tips. I am suffering from the problem right now and i installed the p3 and was able to detect seo processor as a very high plugin that consumes a lot. I have deactivated and still checking. It is important but i have to let go of it. Anyways, I wish you can help me take a look.. risky but i want the site to be operating normal as ido not have vast knowledge about these things.

    • 4

      We use all in one SEO pack and found it causes the major load,but we didn’t deactivated it,considering SEO.So buddy don’t deactivate your SEO plugin even if it causes some load.You can also use Cloudflare to handle the issue.

      • 5

        Thank you.. I guess i was over using SEO as i have all in one seo, and wordpress seo by yoast then i had seo processor. The moment i noticed the heaviness of the seo processor through the p3, i removed it and left with the two first seo mentioned above.. If you have any advise please let me know.. We really need expert to take a look at it and help us fix whatever seo problem as we are not good with google rank and search..

  3. 7

    Very informative and nice article.

  4. 9

    Is there any plugins have to reduce server loading speed for wordpress blogs?

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