Birthday Reminder App For Android Mobiles

birthday reminder Image Credit Birthday reminder app

birthday reminder

Image Credit Birthday reminder app

When every one used the java mobile,setting the reminder for birthday of your friends and dear ones was not a big task.Many of the java phones including those from Sony Ericsson and Nokia had this feature inbuilt within their phones.All you have to do is set a birthday reminder in calender or just add the date of birth of your dear ones in the space provided in contact area.No need of extra apps when we consider java mobiles.

Now a days everyone is getting smart by changing the phones into smart phone with varoius smart os like ios,android,windows 8.

When we consider android mobiles,for setting a reminder for wishing your friends on their date of birth you will probably need a birthday reminder app to do the task.Birthday reminder app is a nice choice to do the task.This app is available as free download from google playstore.After downloading the app,to set your first birthday reminder all you have to do is click on add birthday reminderbirthday,enter the name of the person and date of birth click on save.Job done!Other than birthday reminder the app also lets you save anniversary dates in the same way as you have done for birthday.The app also lets you to customize the notification time and reminder days under preferences.On how to get notified, the app has got vibration,light and sound.

You should compromise on some amount of Ram say 11-12 MB as the app continues to run in the background.If you are using Advanced Task Manager open the app and long click on the birthday reminder app,select Ignore from the popup,to add that app to ignore list.To check the ignore list in advanced task manager navigate settings>ignore list you can find the birthday reminder app there if ignore list addition was successful.The app also lets you to backup all your birthday or anniversary reminders all you have to do is click on more>backup.To restore click more>restore.

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