Google URL Shortener Android App by Thomas Devaux

We all have used google URL shortening service called in the web UI mode to shorten our very long blog posting address,which is used to share around our social networks. Now you can shorten your URLs right from your Android powered smart phones or tablets by using an app called Google URL Shortener Android


How to Share Android Apps APK With Friends And Family ?


When ever we want to get the apk file of an app, we just simply google the stuff like app name .apk and go with untrusted sources ( which is really not good one ) where we can get apk files for sharing the same or to use the apk file in the future,when the


Piano for You – Full Upgrade FREE ( Save $3.99 )

Piano for You features Good sounding (sampled instruments) Good looking Option for two stacked rows Custom instruments (record your own sample using microphone or open existent file) 128 MIDI instruments Recording High quality sampled instruments MIDI over WiFi Export and share your recordings Full keyboard (88 keys) Key labels Fast loading Multitouch support Sustain pedal


Birthday Reminder App For Android Mobiles

birthday reminder

When every one used the java mobile,setting the reminder for birthday of your friends and dear ones was not a big task.Many of the java phones including those from Sony Ericsson and Nokia had this feature inbuilt within their phones.All you have to do is set a birthday reminder in calender or just add the


New Way2sms,Ultoo,Fullonsms App

free sms india

Since mobile sms plan rates have gone up,we frequently google about which are the free sms app available for your smart phone running android OS. We have found Free SMS India as a nice app for your SMS needs.All you need is an android phone running 2.1 or up and a data plan 2G or


Now You Can Turn Photos Taken In Andriod Phone Into Dollars

Photo app

Yes now its possible to monetize the photos taken in android device by you with the help of Foap android app,which was previously limited to iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Snap your pics,upload and start to earn from from your device. How this works? 1. First as usual Download the app “Foap” from the Apple


QuickOffice App Is now Free With Extra 10GB Gdrive Space

quickoffice app

Quik Intro Into App The Google Quickoffice app provide us with an easy way for editing Microsoft Office documents across your various devices, giving us the flexibilty and ability to work with anyone no matter what hardware or software they’re using. Now you can get this Quickoffice app for Android and iOS for free. Whats