CardFunder An Easy Tool For Organizations to Accept Unused or Partially Used Gift Cards

Struggling with unused and partially used gift cards? No need to worry, as CardFunder is going to solve all your problems. Before diving into details, let’s get to know about CardFunder.

CardFunder is an online platform, from where money from unused and partially used gift cards can be extracted and used for noble cause like raising funds for schools, churches, NGOs, and other communities. This unused money in gift cards would have been gone waste. As per reports from Mercator Advisory Group, it is alarming to know that around $3 billion worth gift cards go waste in the USA! This data can go up to $41 billion unused cards as per other sources. Isn’t it a huge amount? It will be of great use if used for charitable works and this is what CardFunder does.

CardFunder was launched by Russ Howard, the CEO and founder of this platform. He has also been involved in the establishment of GameStop software and hardware.

Purpose of CardFunder:

CardFunder has a purpose to serve the community. It is not a profit-making platform. CardFunder serves schools, colleges, universities, churches, ministries and other non-profit organizations. Russ is also working to expand the area of coverage by including sports, youths, etc.

How CardFunder works?

CardFunder is easy to use and access. Organizations or any individual has to sign in to the CardFunder website or app and fill all necessary details. CardFunder then approaches to the organization and provides them with necessities to market their organization for collection of unused and partially used gift cards. These cards are then sent to CardFunder, where they are processed and money is extracted from those cards. Finally, it sends all the money to the organization.

CardFunder Apps:

People can access CardFunder platform through apps also by downloading the CardFunder app. Both iPhone and Android users can access this app. The link for downloading the apps is for iPhone and for android.

The apps are relatively easy to handle and use. People can easily donate their gift cards and organizations can easily access the money.

Working of CardFunder app:

CardFunder apps are easy to use. Organizations and donors need to sign up to the app and fill the required details (as shown in the image).

Alternatively, organizations can release their QR codes on the social media platforms or share it with everyone. They can also release their names, by which donors can search them.

The app will ask donor to scan each side of the gift card they wish to donate. Donor then needs to select the organization they want to donate to and submit the card. The app will process the payment into the organization’s account. This is how the CardFunder makes the whole process simple for both the receiver and the donor. The app has expanded the reach of the organizations to further areas which has led to more fundraising.

Summing Up:

CardFunder app makes fundraising easy. The money in unused gift cards can be used for a good cause by putting it into charitable work. Even if your card has a very little amount, do not hesitate. Just use CardFunder app and donate the amount. Let us brighten the lives of others by donating what we would have wasted! Amount, be it big or small, donate with a pure heart.

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