BonkLive Review: New Era of Social Media Android App

bonklive camera

Hello everyone out there, we welcome you to new, review post and this post we are going to tell you about a fascinating social networking platform which is known as BonkLive. BonkLive gives a chance to each of its users to earn money just by broadcasting them. Users can run money just by getting live. Users can also money also make money just by reading local and international advertisements. Let us explore more about BonkLive in below section have a look.

Exploring BonkLive

bonklive camera

Let us start from the basic, BonkLive is a free to join social media platform which can be joined using Gmail, Facebook, and Instagram account. Users can also join by using their email ids. If we talk about the support, it is available for Desktops, Android and iOS devices. It is more than a regular social networking platform and comes various features which are not available in standard social networking platforms. Let us highlight each one of these in details.

Features of BonkLive

1)    Live Streaming and Chat: BonkLive can be used by one who want to see live streaming videos or who want to broadcast himself/herself live among his/her followers. Users can share their thoughts through comments while live streaming is taking place. Fantastic stickers and filters options are available which can make any live stream session more enjoyable and funny.

2)    Users can share a live stream of any other platform and can earn followers from different platforms.

3)    The concept of gifts like Teddy bears and magic wands is used in BonkLive which can help I grabbing broadcaster’s attentions, and these gifts can be exchanged for real money.

4)    By getting live broadcasters can earn money like they can make money by paid promotion of any brand and they can also make money by running commercials ads on their live streaming videos or by reading jingles or advertisements. This feature is best for the influencers which have a huge list of loyal followers.

The Concept of Money in BonkLive

Let us highlight some points which can help in understanding the concept of money in BonkLive. How money is used in it.

1)    BonkLive users can buy virtual gifts through gold coins (virtual coins), and users can buy these coins through the BonkLive shop.

2)    Broadcasters can get real cash of the received gifts, but only 20% of the total value can be redeemed.

3)    Bonkified users can earn diamonds (and these diamonds can be converted into real money) just playing commercials or buy reading jingles or advertisement while live streaming.

4)    The regular BonkLive users have to clear some levels to become the Bonkified users.

The interface of the BonkLive Android App

Let us give a quick review of the interface of the BonkLive Android App have a look at below snap for more idea.

1) Have a look at below snap to get an idea about the sign-up options available.

login screen

2)    After that, you will get some introduction part which you can skip.

3)    After that, you will get following the home screen. From the home screen only you can select the broadcasters, or you can use search options.

home screen

4)    You can choose the country to check a list of available broadcasters in your nearby region.

choose country

5)    You can follow any of your favorites broadcaster and can share your thoughts directly through message option.


6)    In search option, you can search through regions wise and categories wise.


7)    And in profile options, you will get the following screen. You can check your income, diamonds, etc. from here only.


8) You can anytime can go live with the live option. You have to enter some details before starting live session.

Pros and Cons


1)    It is few of those platforms through which both broadcasters and audience can earn.

2)   Broadcasters can make from live stream this concept of earning is new and exciting.

3)    Live Streaming experience was smooth.

4)    The interface of the app is also very responsive and is very easy to use.


1)    The only thing which we don’t like is that there is no video in their playstore url.

BonkLive gets a red cross in the department of users otherwise it is ticked green in rest of the departments. Just give it a try and share your experience with us.

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