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In today’s World Social Media is shaping everything. From businesses to Election Campaigns, Social Media plays an important role, whether you want to get the word out there about your brand or want a feedback regarding it. Social Media is the easiest cheapest and also the most effective way of marketing about your brand today.

However since, social media has such width across various platforms it becomes hard to rack every social media platform and hack it to use for your own brand growth. But today we have a tool which will help you do so in style and ease. We are talking about a tool named as Awario. It helps you to get insights about your brand across different social platforms to save you time and help you grow at a much faster pace.


Some intro About Awario:

When you own a brand people are going to talk about it. And since most of the talking these days is done on social media platforms, tracking them is a headache. This is where Awario comes to the rescue. The basic function of this platform is to provide you with real time social insights about what and how people are talking about your brand. In simpler words, it helps you to monitor your brand online. It can help you go through all of the talks and the public threads about your brand, so that you can use those insights to get a better understanding about how people are interacting with your brand, and what are their opinions.


Now this can be done in a some other ways as well. But they can be really time consuming and hectic. And Awario gets it done for you with the least amount of time and effort. The company excels in providing insights from various platforms and the list of features is quite long. So we will discuss the features in just brief.


So here are some of the main features, which Awario offers you once you sign up with them.

Monitoring around the Clock:


Awario will work for you all day, 365 days of the year. Which means you will get nonstop insights about the mentions and the talking which is going out there across various platforms regarding your brand. Now this cannot be achieved if you do it manually. Thus Awario not only saves you time, it provides you with a nonstop stream of insights and data, which otherwise will be difficult to obtain at a regular basis. The biggest advantage is that, you will know instantly about any mentions regarding your brand, so you are able to interact and respond without any delay. And get your positive and customer friendly image out there on the internet, which will be a win win.

Filter Relevant Discussions:


Now you may see, that when you want to search about your brand mentions there could be an unlimited stream of data at your disposal. but no to mention that, Awario provides you with all the necessary tools, so that you filter out the ones which matter. You can include negative keywords into the search bar so that you don’t receive any particular type of unhelpful posts which won’t do any good. This way it is ensured that only useful and meaningful posts make it to the search results.

Clean and Organized Interface:

clean organized

Now this may not go down as a killer feature. but it definitely is a wonderful one. And you will realize this only after you start using it. Awario will group different types of mentions in different sub folders for you. This will help you keep the space organized and really easy to navigate. Even if you have reacted or replied to a particular mention you can send it to a folder, and group with other posts you have reacted to.

Work Through Mobile and Mail:

In today’s busy life, when you have a brand to run, you cannot sit at your laptop whole day and keep monitoring things. But you need not worry about it as Awario has got you covered here as well. Whenever there is anything new about your brand, Awario will notify you via an email so that you can get to it, even if you are not online with the platform and can respond to it. Also they have mobile app solutions which will be helping you to interact with your audience on the go.



Awario is a great platform which helps you to monitor your online presence and the things people or your users are talking with respect to your brand. It helps you to react to them, and interact with your audience in a much more organized manner. It can track your keywords in any language, across any platform. And also track down the stats of your mentions and the trends of people who are interacting with your brand. This can be really critical for your brand’s growth. It is highly recommended that you try it out. They are running an offer in which you can get a 14 day trial(no credit card required for trial) on the platform. You should definitely check it out.

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