Opera 21


Opera brings out the latest version of its developer version, opera 21. What comes new in opera 21 ? Aura on Windows. Aura is a hardware- accelerated rendering of the browser, including the user – interface. This enables less – taxing UI animations and a general sleeker and more responsive feel to the whole UI.


Google Chrome 33 Final

google chrome

If you want to try out an alternative browser other than the default browser Google chrome is one of the browser that you need not want to miss. Google chrome 33 enters into stable channel,which is available for download for Windows,Mac and Linux Os. Whats new in Google Chrome 33 Final  ? Chrome 33 includes


Download Firefox 28.0 Beta 2

Firefox 28 beta is now available for download,after launching Firefox 27 final days back. You may also like : Firefox 27 Final What’s new in Firefox 28 beta ? > Firefox for Windows 8 touch preview available > Gamepad API finalized and enabled > Volume control for HTML5 audio/video > VP9 video decoding implemented, support


Download Google Drive 1.14

Google Drive Its a simple software designed to fulfill your day to day cloud needs of your PC by syncing  the files to online cloud storage to Google, Google Drive  . Features of Google Drive • Create, analyze & build stuff with more Google apps • Easily get your stuff in Drive. • Safe, secure,


Opera Next 20

Opera moves opera developer 20 to Opera Next 20 . Features of Opera Next 20 – Advanced settings: set width and height of speed dial thumbnails – Advanced settings: use big speed dial thumbnails – The URL bar badge shows a broken padlock if the site’s certificate is not valid – Bookmarks bar – you


Pale Moon 24.3.0

Palemoon logo

Pale Moon releases its latest build Pale Moon 24.3.0 You may also like: PALE MOON 24.2.2 Whats new in Pale Moon 24 ? – Atom-optimized Pale Moon – The title has been brought back to the title bar – Several different styles have been implemented to cater to different OS version layouts. – Improvement of


Opera 19 Final

opera next logo

Opera releases its update to Opera 19 Final. What comes new in Opera 19.0.1326.45 ? You may also like : OPERA NEXT 19.0.1326.45 – Bookmarks bar. Fast access to your favorite sites, just turn it on in settings. – Wallpapers for your browser. Now, you can use any image as a wallpaper in your Opera


Google Chrome 32.0.1700.102 FINAL


Google releases its Google chrome to stable channel, Google Chrome 32.0.1700.102 FINAL What comes new in Google Chrome 32 FINAL ? – A different look for Win8 Metro mode – You can now track down and close noisy tabs – Create supervised users for your family members – Safe Browsing’s malware warning has gotten stronger


Opera Developer 20.0.1387.9

Opera,opera developer


Opera Developer 20.0.1387.2

Opera rolls out new update for its developer version, Opera Developer 20.0.1387.2 What’s new in Opera Developer 20.0.1387.2 ? – Clearing of session cookies when quitting Opera – New chrome extensions API-chrome.proxy and chrome.downloads – JavaScript dialogs have changed Other changes in Opera Developer 20 – Big Speed Dial thumbnails are turned on by default