Firefox 27.0 Beta 5


Firefox releases its latest beta build Firefox 27.0 Beta 5 . What’s new in Firefox 27.0 Beta 5 ? You can now run more than one service at a time with Firefox SocialAPI, allowing you to receive notifications, chat and more from multiple integrated services – Implemented support for TLS 1.2 (RFC 5246) You may also like : FIREFOX 26 FINAL CHANGED Added support for SPDY 3.1 protocol FIXED Get Azure/Skia content rendering working on Linux Download Firefox 27.0 Beta 5 for Windows Download Firefox 27.0 Beta 5 For Mac Download Firefox 27.0 Beta 5 for Linux


Opera Developer 20.0.1380.1


Opera released its latest developer version Opera Developer 20.0.1380.1. You may also like : OPERA 18 IS NOW AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD Chekout what all changes and new features that Opera Developer 20.0.1380.1 have – Big Speed Dial thumbnails are turned on by default. Download Opera Developer 20.0.1380.1 for Windows Download Opera Developer 20.0.1380.1 for Mac


Download New Google Chrome 31.0.1612.7 Dev

google Chrome browser

The latest dev build of Chrome is based on the latest Chromium core. Whats New ? 1. The Dev Channel has been updated to 31.0.1622.0 for Mac and Linux, and 31.0.1612.7 for Windows and Chrome Frame. 2. Fixes a number of crashes and other bugs. Download Mac (51.7 MB)


Pale Moon 20.3 Now Availabe

Palemoon logo

Whats new in this version? 1.A change to how tab histories are cached to improve the overall memory footprint and make browsing smoother, especially when using a large number of tabs with extensive active use. 2.A change to the networking pipelining back-end to use a more aggressive fallback if there are issues with pipelining requests, to minimize delays when loading pages and prevent time-outs. 3.Removed the double entry for smooth scrolling selection in preferences (leaving just the one in the scrolling tab).   Info About Palemoon Main features · Highly optimized for current processors · 100% Firefox sourced: As safe