Vodafone Launced 3 New Bonus Cards


Vodafone introduced 3 new bonus cards for its customers Bonus Card 45,Bonus card 63,Bonus card 126,Bonus Card 135Bonus card 202 Bonus Card 45 All India calls 1paisa/sec for 30 days Bonus card 63 All India mobile calls 1.1p/s Land line calls 1.5p/s 90 days validity Bonus card 126 All India mobile calls 1.1p/s Land line calls 1.5p/s 180 days validity Bonus Card 135 All India calls 1paisa/sec for 90 days Bonus card 202 All local mobile calls 30p/minute land line calls 1.5p/minute for 90 days Activation method- E-top up Recharge Do confirm the offer in your respective states before doing


QuickOffice App Is now Free With Extra 10GB Gdrive Space

quickoffice app

Quik Intro Into App The Google Quickoffice app provide us with an easy way for editing Microsoft Office documents across your various devices, giving us the flexibilty and ability to work with anyone no matter what hardware or software they’re using. Now you can get this Quickoffice app for Android and iOS for free. Whats More! Google has also integrated Google Quickoffice suite with GDrive storage,so you can safely access all your files from anywhere and is offering an extra 10GB of cloud storage for a limited time with the service for free for two years.To Grab this offer sign


250MB for rs3

Start browsing on your phone with Aircel because Aircel  allow you to do 250MB Download for 3 days at just Rs3.To avail this special offer send PI3 to 54343 now!T&CTo know balance dial-*126*9#