Firefox Addon For Finding Dofollow And Nofollow Links


Many blog about websites offering do follow and no follow back links, but in many cases the dofollow link might have been changed to nofollow one as time passed. So how can we find that if the links in comments section is dofollow or not? You may also like : How To Quickly Submit Sitemap To Google,Bing,Yahoo And Ask? For this all you have to do is to install an addon named NoDoFollow  in Firefox,restarting the browser is required as its demanded by the plugin.Right click on the page that you want to have a look and check nodofollow option,it


How To Add Meta Tags to Each Post In Blogger?

  Before proceeding let me explain to you what is meta tag? and what difference exactly the meta tag can bring? What are meta tags? In simple words Meta tags are actually the words which provides search engine the info about your site or the web page,search engines use this information when building their indices. What difference exactly the meta tag can bring? Proper Meta tags can bring more traffic and a better ranking in search engines,as a result your blog grows. If you are using wordpress, then for SEO optimization we can use several available seo plugins which makes