BSNL USSD Enquiry Codes

BSNL Codes

Here is a list of almost all BSNL prepaid balance enquiry viaUSSD(Unstructured Supplementary Services Data)

Prepaid Enquiry Services

Dial *102# —>To know Last Call/SMS/GPRS Details
Dial *123# —>To know Your Mobile Number,Plan,Main Account Balance.Expiry Date etc
Dial *124# —>To know your Friends & Family Numbers
Dial *124*1# —>To know Limited & Unlimited Voice(STV401/STV501) details
Dial *124*2#—>To know Unlimited Local STV300 expiry date
Dial *124*3# —>To know SMS STV’s balance
Dial *124*4#—>To know GPRS STVs balance
Dial *124*6#—> ISD STVs balance

BSNL Data Balance Enq

2G Customers : Send   SMS   DATA2G   to   53733
3G Customers : Send   SMS   DATA3G   to   53733
IPAD/Data Customer 2G : Send   SMS   DATA2G< Mobile Number >  to   53733
IPAD/Data Customer 3G : Send   SMS   DATA3G< Mobile Number >  to   53733 or 9400012345
Postpaid Customers : Send   SMS   AMT  to   53333

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