Download Firefox 26.0 Beta 1


After releasing the final version of Firefox 25,Firefox releases the latest build Firefox 26.0 beta 1.

Whats new in this release?

  • All plug-ins, with the exception of recent Flash plug-ins, are defaulted to ‘click to play’.
  • Password manager now supports script-generated password fields.
  • Updates can now be performed by Windows users without write permissions to Firefox install directory (requires Mozilla Maintenance Service).
  • Support for H.264 on Linux if the appropriate gstreamer plug-ins are installed.

Changes in this version

  • Support for MP3 decoding on Windows XP, completing MP3 support across Windows OS versions.
  • CSP implementation now supports multiple policies, including the case of both an enforced and Report-Only policy, per the spec.

Other changes

  • Social API now supports Social Bookmarking for multiple providers through its SocialMarks functionality.
  • There is no longer a prompt when websites use appcache.
  • New App Manager allows you to deploy and debug HTML5 webapps on Firefox OS phones and the Firefox OS Simulator.

Fixes in this version

  • When displaying a standalone image, Firefox matches the EXIF orientation information contained within the JPEG image.
  • Improved page load times due to no longer decoding images that aren’t visible.
  • AudioToolbox MP3 backend for OSX.

Download Firefox 26.0 Beta 1 Windows

Download Firefox 26.0 Beta 1 Mac

Download Firefox 26.0 Beta 1 Linux

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