Free cloud storage!

why pay for the cloud storage when its available for free?
Ya its minus signup here and get additional 1gb of storage


What is Minus?

Minus is the fun, simple way to share your files. Free and unlimited file sharing for your images, videos, music and documents. A universal file sharing platform that lets you share, explore and connect.

Why is Minus absolutely free?

Our goal is to create a world-class product and experience for our users and the business model will follow. We can see many ways Minus can monetize itself.
Minus is venture funded by IDG Capital Partners, a global network of venture capital funds with a portfolio of over 220 companies built over the last 15 years.

How long do you keep the files?

We keep all files indefinitely unless deleted by the uploader or if it violates our terms of service.

Why sign up for Minus?

Joining Minus is Free! By creating an account and signing in:

  • Create and share your galleries ( example )
  • Follow friends to see what they are sharing
  • Manage and organize your galleries in Home
  • Explore and discover galleries from other users
  • Get 10 GB of free disk space
  • Upload individual files up to 2 GB
  • Unlimited Downloads and Transfer

How do I use Minus?

To create a gallery, just drag and drop file(s) from your desktop or folder onto Minus or click Upload.

  • Once you have created a gallery, use the Left Arrow and Right Arrow or your Mouse Scroll to navigate
  • View gallery in three modes: Grid, Linear and Fullscreen. Click on the icons to toggle at the Bottom Right corner
  • Add more files into an existing gallery by dragging files into the gallery or clicking on “Add Files” button
    • Share your gallery using the Share tab or copy and paste the Shortlink
    • Customize your gallery link by clicking on the Pencil Icon next to the Shortlink
    • Name your gallery by clicking on the rename button
    • Add tags to your gallery by clicking on the Tags
    • Add descriptions below each item by commenting
    • Rename your files by clicking on the Pencil Icon next to the filename in Organize menu
    • Rearrange the display order in gallery by dragging file titles in the menu up and down
    • Delete files from the gallery by clicking the X icons
    • Delete the entire gallery by clicking the Trash icon in the top right corner
  • Use the Search Bar in the header to
    • Find friends and other users to follow
    • Find your own galleries and uploads
    • Find galleries in Explore
    • Create a new gallery by Dragging files into header or clicking Upload
  • Home displays your activity.
    • Following tab displays what your friends are sharing
    • Explore tab displays what others are sharing on Minus
    • My Galleries tab displays your own uploads and galleries
  • Click on Profile in the header while signed in to see your profile.
    • Your public galleries will be displayed on your profile
    • Your Reshares will be displayed on your profile
    • See who your followers are and who you are following
    • Profile Statistics
      • Karma – Get Karma when users Reshare and Save your galleries or when you invite others.
      • Shared – Displays the number of your Public Galleries

What is the difference between Public and Private galleries?

Galleries are Public by default unless you toggle to make it Private
You can also make galleries default Private via your settings

  • Public Galleries – Publishes to explore, your profile and followers
  • Private Galleries – Anyone with the link can view gallery, but not visible in explore or profile

Is hotlinking and embedding allowed?

Yes, but we encourage all users to link to Minus directly. Bandwidth is unlimited but for hotlinked images there is throttling in place if abuse is detected.

Is there a maximum file size I can upload?

The size limit currently is 2 GB per file with unlimited uploads and 10 GB of free space to start.

Is there a maximum file number per gallery?

There can be a max of 200 files per gallery. This will become more flexible in the near future. There is no limit to number of galleries you can create.

What file types are allowed for uploads?

All file types are allowed. Gallery viewing of all images, PDF, text documents, music and video files are supported. We will support Microsoft documents and more coming soon. Click here to view an interactive gallery.

Which browsers are fully supported?

We currently support all major browsers, however for best experience please use the latest version Firefox, Google Chrome or Safari.

Is Minus on desktop or mobile?

Minus is multi-platform and has desktop, mobile and browser apps for Windows, Mac, Ubuntu, iPhone/iOS, Android, Google Chrome and Firefox.
Please visit the Tools Page to download the latest applications for Minus.

Any additional information?

Are the files uploaded anonymous?

Yep, Minus provides a sharing service that allows anonymous uploading and all files and galleries will be kept anonymous.

How can I keep track of the galleries I created?

Sign In to keep track of your galleries and uploads via Home’s Uploads tab.

What information about me is kept?

Just your ip address is signed in case there is extremely inappropriate materials uploaded such as child pornography, then we will have to report it to law enforcement.

What is the technology behind Minus?

Minus uses the latest Cloud computing technologies. We’re fully deployed on Amazon’s EC2 and S3 Cloud storage.

How can I help?

The easiest way to help is to invite your friends and spread the word and share Minus! Share new stuff, tell your friends, your family, your mailman, or anyone else about Minus! Post and share on forums, blogs, Reddit, Digg, Facebook, YouTube, or anywhere. Just get the word out and have fun with Minus!

How often will there be updates?

We aim to release updates weekly with changelog posted on our blog. Be sure to subscribe to our blog.

How can I use Minus?

You can use Minus to:

  • Create an online portfolio of your work with your Minus profile
  • Share photos and videos from your recent trip
  • Publish your work whether it’s an ebook, music, photos and more
  • Share lecture notes with your class
  • Share anywhere via the browser, desktop and mobile

These are just ideas we came up with. Start sharing today with Minus!

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