Google Chrome 36 Beta

After launching stable version of Google Chrome 35 two days ago, now their sneak peak in to what can you expect in the next stable build is released, that’s right people now you can try out Google Chrome 36 Beta for Windows, Mac and Linux powered systems. But you take in mind that by installing this beta release will replace your stable version installed in your system, that it doesn’t provide you side by side running. When you consider updating this beta builds will get updated to next beta build. So if you want back the stable version just uninstall the beta and you can go with the stable version.

What features comes new in Google Chrome 36 ?

-> New Chrome app launcher for Linux
-> A number of new apps/extension APIs
-> Changes for stability and performance
-> Chrome no longer sends touchcancel on touch
scroll , improving compatibility with other browsers
and making it possible to add touch UI effects
-> Unprefixed CSS Transforms enables rich web
content by allowing elements to be transformed in
two-dimensional or three-dimensional space

So if you want to test the new beta version of Google Chrome, by compromising something download links are given below

Download Google Chrome 36 Beta for Windows
Download Google Chrome 36 Beta for Mac
Download Google Chrome 36 Beta for Linux

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