SwiftKey Beta : Grab Your Free Copy

Swiftkey beta 4.5SwiftKey Beta 4.5 is now available for free for a limited time.

Whats new in SwiftKey Beta 4.5

  • Classic emoji
  • Emoji word match
  • Emoji contextual predictions
  • Optional number row

Want to try Swiftkey 4.5 for free then its the right time,you can get swiftkey 4.5 for free.But don’t get too excited,this version of app expires at Jan 15 2013,so what will happen to the app after this period? We found that predictions doesn’t work after this time.

Before downloading note that this is a beta version

Since SwiftKey 4.5 is in beta stage so this version of app is not available GooglePlay,when its stable it will be available in GooglePlay.

Download direct .apk file http://bit.ly/skemojibeta

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