Csshero WordPress Customization Plugin Review

css hero review

Customization of the looks of the WordPress blog or website is one of the main problems that we face if we don’t know coding and css. In usual cases we end up with calling a designer to do task of changing the default width of the post in mobile, tablet or in desktop. Some others Google the stuff that is to be customized and get the code to customize that element of the WordPress theme. If you are inexperienced in the second method and you copy the code and paste it in the theme editor it in the wrong place


Official Google Publisher Plugin (beta) For WordPress

Google Publisher Plugin (beta) for wordpress

The official Google plugin for publishers is now available in the plugin section of WordPress for free. This beta version of the Google Publisher Plugin allows you to: – Easily add AdSense ads to your site to make money from advertising. – Manage your AdSense account and access Webmaster Tools from the plugin. – Click to add advertisements to your site. Create different placements for each page template. – View the layout for each page, with advertisement areas visualized next to your content flow. – Preview example advertisements alongside your content. – Verify your site with Webmaster Tools with just


Free Responsive Searchable 3 Level Accordion For WordPress

Every month evanto releases free items including premium themes from themeforest,premium plugins from codecanyon etc. This January in their free files we have a WordPress premium plugin available at codecanyon worth 11$ for free. Responsive Searchable 3 Level Accordion For WordPress Features: – Up to 3 leves of nesting search functionality – Use wordpress menu or your own text – Fully W3C compliant (XHTML 1.0 strict!) – May work as a menu or as a content holder – Easily configurable in admin panel configurable animation – 4 skins included! – Widget mode & shortcode mode So how to get this


Free Navigate To Top Button For Your Site


Majority of premium these comes with this button,but there are some premium themes which dont offer this feature.Talking about the free themes,its hard to find this cool feature. There are many scroll to top or navigate to top plugins available for you if are using wordpress CMS to carry out your online blogging or any other business.But choosing the right plugins for smooth scroll to top is a tedious task,since most of them are very advanced or very simple.From these category we have chosen two plugins namely Smooth Scroll Up and ToTop Link for WordPress. Lets start Smooth Scroll Up


Get CodeCanyon – JavaScript Showcase v1.2 For Free


You can get CodeCanyon – JavaScript Showcase v1.2 worth $7 for free from codcanyon . You need to have account with codcanyon to download this item.No need to complete,take part in surveys or collect points to get this offer from codecanyon. This Offer is valid only for September 2013. Details of this JavaScript from as from codecanyon Showcase offers over 60 animation settings that can be applied to each Bullet, providing the maximum level of customization possible. The script is lightweight and amazingly fast, even on Mobile Devices. Create an unlimited number of Showcase Bullets on top of any HTML


How To Automatically Ping To Google?


Need to get more traffic from google,but dont know how? This guide will help you to do that. You need to have a wordpress CMS,before proceeding. Auto Ping Booster helps you to automatically submit your website artilcle,posts to google blogsearch. Just download the plugin and upload to your wordpress and the rest is automated by Auto Ping Booster Now the question arises,how do i know my articles are Pingged! ANS:After one hour Open Google.com and search Cache:[your article url] Note : Should contain http://  ,in your URL Your post will be updated to http://www.blogsearch.google.com/ping/RPC2,