Get CodeCanyon – JavaScript Showcase v1.2 For Free



You can get CodeCanyon – JavaScript Showcase v1.2 worth $7 for free from codcanyon . You need to have account with codcanyon to download this item.No need to complete,take part in surveys or collect points to get this offer from codecanyon.

This Offer is valid only for September 2013.

Details of this JavaScript from as from codecanyon

Showcase offers over 60 animation settings that can be applied to each Bullet, providing the maximum level of customization possible. The script is lightweight and amazingly fast, even on Mobile Devices. Create an unlimited number of Showcase Bullets on top of any HTML element. Each fully customizable bullets expand to ToolTips – containing any HTML content you want. ToolTips are additionally linked to Lightboxes that you can also style and customize independently. Lightboxes can optionally be chained – with navigation controls automatically added.

General Settings

  • Disable Lightbox
  • Disable Flicker (All Bullets)
  • Open ToolTip JS Callback
  • Close ToolTip JS Callback
  • Open Lightbox JS Callback
  • Close Lightbox JS Callback
  • Mobile Bullet Size Growth Ratio

ToolTip Settings

  • Unlimited Bullets / ToolTips
  • Write HTML/CSS Directly Inside Each ToolTip
  • Auxiliary Top / Left Position
  • Animation Width / Height
  • Border Size (Animate Initial / Ending)
  • Border Color (Animate Initial / Ending)
  • Border Radius* (Animate Initial / Ending)
  • Speed In / Speed Out
  • Easing Effect In / Effect Out
  • Background Color (Animate Initial / Ending)

Lightbox Settings

  • Border Radius* (Animate Initial / Ending)
  • Top / Left Position
  • Width / Height Animation
  • Easing Effect In / Effect Out
  • Speed In / Speed Out
  • Lightbox Class Assignment
  • Lightbox Control Bar Class Assignment
  • Lightbox ControlBar Padding (Accommodates Border Radius)
  • Lightbox First / Last ControlBar Fade Speed
  • Background Color (Animate Initial / Ending)
  • Lightbox Content Speed In / Speed Out
  • Lightbox Content Special Effect In / Effect Out
  • Write HTML/CSS Directly Inside Each Lightbox
  • Disable ToolTip or Lightbox

Flicker Settings

  • Easing Effect In / Effect Out
  • Speed In / Speed Out
  • Flicker Grow Size Factor
  • Flicker Opacity In / Out
  • Top / Left Position
  • Bullet Width / Height

Additional Settings

  • Bokeh Animations (Shown in Header)
  • Bokeh Path Speed / Effect
  • Bokeh Animation Interval


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