Ultrack Calorie Counter Android App

Ultrack app screenshot

Ultrack calorie counter android app is a new addition to Google PlayStore for those who love to keep a track record on their health just from your device.

Ultrack features

Ultrack app screenshot

  • The very first thing we noticed is that app completely free and doesn’t come with any ads or things like that you may find it in other apps.
  • Also you don’t need any account, internet connection or any password to remember to use the app.
  • Quick add exercise option
  • Helps to keep track of your calories and macros
  • Possible to add new food, ingredient and dish with item name, brand name, serving size in grams, calories, sugar, vitamins etc. You can also copy these fields from internet and paste it the required field as shown in the screenshots below

Ultrack ultrack screenshots

  • C-Points or “Consistency Points” provided in the main screen lets you to know how well you are sticking with the daily goals

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  • Need a better colour combination ui
  • Misses the intro part

Other info

The apk installation file of 2.5 MB unpack into 3.66 MB and occupies 22 MB of RAM, screenshots of the same attached below

Ultrack resource usage Ultrack resource usage

Final thought

The app seems pretty simple, but requires some more touch ups.

Click here to download Ultrack calorie counter from the playstore.

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