Cerberus Anti Theft Android App Free Life Time License

cerberus anti theft app

Cerberus anti theft android app is one the best anti theft app that we like use on our android powered smart phones.Now it has been three glorious years for them, to celebrate this they have launched new version of the app and are also giving free lifetime license to new users that uses their anti theft app.

Cerberus anti theft android app features

-> Web control, like remote control from the web dashboard but integrated into the app

-> Touch the device name and you’ll see a navigation icon, that will start “Navigation Mode” : the Google Maps navigator will start, and Cerberus will update the destination if you device moves

-> If you are near the lost device, touch the radar icon to start “Radar Mode”: WiFi hotspot will be started on the lost device and Client Cerberus will display the network signal, so you should have a very good indication (better than GPS) on how near you are to the lost device.

So how to get cerberus anti theft android app free life Time license ?

All you have to do is, download their android app and sign up with your email address in the app. If every thing is successful you will get a mail from them telling like this ” The license for your “name” Cerberus account has been activated for free! Please open Cerberus on your device and log in to access the app settings, you should not see the “Buy license” option anymore. This means that the lifetime license for your account is active“.

Download cerberus anti theft android app .apk

Download cerberus anti theft android app from Google Play

Note : This promo ends at 6 AM of April 26 2014.

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