Download Opera Mini 7.6.2 Android With Wi-Fi Queue Support

opera mini browser

opera mini browser

Opera releases stable and updated version of mobile web browser for Android powered devices called Opera mini 7.6 . Opera mini is the best browser for android with its data saving feature like off road or turbo feature that comes in the desktop version. The data saving feature which is enabled in Opera mini lets you to save the data on unencrypted connections by passing the data through Opera data compressing servers which compress the images etc. The data saving feature of opera mini also lets you to save money by using only less data or bandwidth if you are on a monthly data cap plan.

What features come new in the latest updated version of Opera mini 7.6 for android ?

The big feature that comes in Opera mini 7.6 for android is that it lets you to save some more data by download big files when you are on Wifi network. Working, consider if you are trying to download a file more than 15MB in size with Opera mini 7.6 android web browser, the browser automatically ask you with a popup ” Would you like to start downloading it when you are connected to a Wi-Fi network ? ” You can either hit ” Wait ” for downloading over wifi or ” Download Now ” to download the file by buring your mobile data.

Opera Mini 9.6 with wifi queue downloading

Opera Mini 9.6 with wifi queue downloading

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The next big thing about opera mini 7.6 is that Opera started to test its ” Discover feature ” in various regions which gives you top stories from various category namely arts, health, entertainment, technology, travel etc. Discover feature will be available in the these countries

  • India
  • Indonesia
  • Russia
  • Brazil
  • Vietnam
  • Turkey
  • US
  • South Africa
  • Ukraine
  • Mexico
  • Bangladesh
  • Nigeria

Other improvements in Opera Mini 7.6 for Android

  • Swipe gestures in Discover
  • Support for HTML5 video
  • New installation screen
  • An option to opt-out of Google Analytics
  • Support for Indonesian locale
  • Various stability fixes

Opera Mini 7.6.1 latest version is now available as an update to the previous version of the Opera Mini

Various improvements in Opera Mini 7.6.1

  1. Fixed issue when download remains suspended regardless of turning on WIFI
  2. Fixed issue when suspended downloads are not resumed when opera is in background
  3. Fixed issue where manually resumed download is treated as automatically started
  4. Fixed issue with flickering while loading some pages

Improvements in Opera Mini 7.6.1

  1. Improved Korean translations
  2. Various stability improvements

7.6.1 version is now updated to 7.6.2 with the following improvements and fixes

  • Now you can see high quality images in speed dial
  • WiFi logic queue has been improved
  • German localization improved
  • Various stability improvements

To run the mini version of Opera you requires Android 1.5 and above

Download Opera Mini 7.6.2 from Google PlayStore

Download Opera Mini 7.6.1 apk

Download Opera Mini 7.6 APK file

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