Get Free 100GB Free Online Storage In A Single Catch Review a new comer to cloud service offers 100GB of space free for its users and always more for its premium users. Shared is unique in its own way by offering free 100GB of space on signup for all the users, I mean no need to  of any referral programs to get that much amount of online space. Shared can considered as an alternative to various other prominent player in this sector. Whats more,you can also earn with shared.
Check out the pros and cons for free users
Storage 100GB.
Easy and use friendly interface,with drag and drop.

File Size Limit – 2GB per file.

Faster Uploading and Download Speed.
Ability E-mail the file and to share various social network.
Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and a 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES).
Nothing to install to use the service.
No hot linking (direct linking).
Parallel downloads limited to one.
No collaboration.
No password protection for each file.
No android app.
Other than free plan they also offer 1TB for $9.95/mo, Unlimited space for $24.95/mo.
Final verdict
A simple and easy way to share to all High Definition Videos with friends and family,without burning your pocket!

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