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Files ninja is basically a file sharing site,in short.Files ninja provide a simple and clean way to upload and download Files for FREE. The website Offers tremendous download speeds for FREE without asking to create a Premium account.

The PROS AND CONS of the site are given below:


  • Just Signup will give you unlimited space,i mean no referrals are needed like other sites.
  • Store unlimited amount of data in each account.
  • NO file deletion,if the files remain inactive.
  • No limitation on bandwidth per account or file.
  • NO speed capping.
  • NO account deletion,if you haven’t logged in for many days.
  • Android App available.


  • Your files will appear in search and will be indexed by search engines…..its open files search engine,there is no private files option till now.
  • File Size-2GB per file only,i think this wont be a problem for many of us.
  • NO hot/direct linking.
  • NO drag and drop feature,you have to do this in old school way.
  • No desktop client.


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