Pinch, in association with Airtel, launched in India: Send Free messages to anyone!


Are you tired of finding that perfect phone messenger, which works across all mobile phones and is installed by all your contacts? Some good news for you! Affle today announced the launch of its free messaging application, Pinch Messenger in India in association with Bharti Airtel. Pinch Messenger is available across all mobile operating systems along with a WAP link thus making it available on every mobile phone.

With Pinch2SMS feature you can send FREE messages to anyone on your contact list irrespective of whether your contact has Pinch installed on his mobile phone. Your contact will receive these messages like normal SMS and can reply to them as normal SMS, which you will receive on your Pinch Messenger.
Currently, this service is only available to Airtel India users. However, it will gradually be rolled out to all Service Providers in the next few months, thus basically making it free for anyone to message anyone else. Now, why message when you can Pinch!


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