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Protecting your online privacy is on the rise, as there are many watchers who just look what we are doing online. Another main concern is the blocking of your favorite websites or VoIP services in your area. So how can you protect your privacy and access any websites without any country specific restrictions? A simple tool called VPN or Virtual Private Network makes this possible as it will help you to hide your ip, bypass the various censorship and ultimately all done in a secure manner. Swedish company named PrivateVPN formerly known as PrivatVPN is one of the top player in this.

Review of Private VPN, various features and plans

The very first thing that caught our attention was the No logging feature of Privatevpn. It seems like privatevpn only knows your email id, password that you have used during the sign up to their service if your payment mode was Bitcoin. From the above you can see how anonymous you are with this VPN service provider just from the sign up process!

Support offered by Privatevpn

An area where many looks. Even though there was live chat option in the home page of private VPN we could hardly see any support staff in any time of the day. So we decided to mail them to check the response time and quality of their service. To our amazement we got precise reply to most of our queries within half an hour or less which is pretty good. Another added advantage of private VPN is that there is a provision for remote control help on the various operating systems like Windows, Mac and Linux, and the VPN protocols. To get help via this method all you need is a software called Teamviewer and send Id, password from Teamviewer to Privatevpn. Sit back and relax let the professionals configure the service for you.

Country list with server numbers, speed and bandwidth offered by private vpn

Private VPN review

Sweden(Nacka) –  5
Sweden(Bromma) – 2
Sweden(Stockholm) – 1
United States(Manassas) – 1
United States(Denver) – 1
United States(New York Loc2)- 1
United States(New York Loc1)- 1
United States(Los Angeles)  – 1
United States(Miami) – 1
United States(Kansas City) – 1
Switzerland(Zürich Loc1) – 1
Switzerland(Zürich Loc2) – 1
Great Britain(London Loc1) – 1
Great Britain(London Loc2) – 1
France(Paris) – 1
Denmark(Copenhagen) – 1
Luxembourg(Steinsel) – 1
Finland(Helsinki) – 1
Norway(Oslo) – 1
Romania(Bukarest) – 1
Russia(St. Petersburg) – 1
Germany(Frankfurt Loc1) – 1
Germany(Frankfurt Loc2) – 1
Germany(Hamburg) – 1
Netherlands(Amsterdam Loc1) – 1
Netherlands(Amsterdam Loc2) – 1
Netherlands(Amsterdam Loc3) – 1
Canada(Toronto) – 1
Ukraine(Kiev) – 1

With 15 countries to choose from privatevpn offers unlimited bandwidth without any speed cap in all their VPN plans. There is also no limits on how many times you can switch between various servers.

VPN protocols supported by Private VPN

  • Open VPN packed with 2048 bit SSL encryption
  • L2TP with AES-256 encryption
  • PPTP gives you MPPE-128 encryption
  • Supports both TUN and TAP. TUN uses AES-256.

Server status monitoring for users

Private VPN review

With a provision to see what types of protocols, type of IP address, number of servers in that region users can select country from the software accordingly.

Speed test results by using PrivateVPN

Private VPN review

Privatevpn Review

Privatevpn Review

Privatevpn Review

Privatevpn Review

Free Trail for you from Private VPN

Private VPN offers you free 24 hours of their premium plan rather than offering a cash back like other VPN providers do. To try their service just make a request to them at support@privatvpn dot se to get a 24 hours gift code.  Private VPN also have an offer right now that gives 10% discount if you enter VPN10first on the payment.

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Other features

Referral program

You can refer friends to use this VPN provider. In doing like this you earn points for every valid sign ups which could be redeemed for renewing your VPN service for free. Every time your referred friends add more premium you earn more points. Ultimately you could use private VPN for free by redeeming all these points.

  • 1 month gives you 100 points
  • 3 months gives you 250 points
  • 1 year gives you 1000 points

We think that referral program like this is pretty much better than those Affiliate program in which you need to cross the threshold to get some bucks.

– Port forwarding
– Well explained guides for each OS in configuring the client ( guides are only available after you subscribe to their service)

Features of Privatevpn client

– Reconnect automatically on connection failure

Privatevpn Review

– Close certain programs when there is VPN connection failure

Privatevpn Review

– Bypass firewall

Note : clients for every OS are available only after sign up.

Private VPN plans

With a provision to connect 4 devices simultaneously Privatevpn offers you 3 plans according to the period you needed starting from 30 days to a year plan. Note that features in all the plans are same in short, plans only differ by time.

The economic plan or 365 days plan comes with a price tag of €66/year.

90 days and 30 days plans are offered only for just €18 and €7 respectively.

The process

Select the plan you wish, enter desired user name and your email address, password, referrer if any select the payment method ( Bitcoin / PayPal/ Payson/ Plimus ). Once the payment goes through them your account is activated.

Device compatibility


  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Windows XP
  • Galaxy Tab
  • Android
  • iOS
  • OS X
  • Linux


  • No dedicated app for android

Wrapping up

With remote control help, automatic shutting of certain programs and automatic reconnection , free subscription renewals PrivateVPN is well worth considering to secure your online privacy without compromising on security.

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