SwiftKey 5 Keyboard Full Version Now Free For All

SwiftKey one of the best keyboard app for android announced that ” SwiftKey Keyboard is free on Google Play – and with this update, it’s packed full of new features, including support for over 800 emoji and more than 30 new themes ” read on their blog. No more trail version of SwiftKey keyboard which offered predictions only for month after which you have to purchase the premium version of the app from google play which cost around $4.

What features comes new in the latest version of the SwiftKey 5 keyboard app for android ?

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– Change in the default theme to Nickel from the old cobalt theme.
– To satisfy the look of the keyboard there is a dedicated store called SwiftKey Store from which you can get 30 new free and premium themes.
– No more switching between letters and numbers during typing as the new build of SwiftKey app has got an option to enable it. For this go to settings in the keyboard like Settings > Layout and choose accordingly.
– Emoji and Emoji prediction, now the keyboard offers around 800 emoji and prediction of the emoji is also offered like typing ” burg ” bring the burger emoji. For turning on this feature Settings > Advanced and check the box marked ‘ Emoji
prediction’. To have the emoji feature you need to have Android 4.1 or above.
– Flow feature of the new SwiftKey is clearer and
more visually appealing.
– More languages are now available. The new languages are Belarusian, Mongolian, Tatar, Uzbek and Welsh.
– Like always, the core feature that is prediction engine is now improved with better capitalisation awareness.

What if you have purchased SwiftKey keyboard in the past ?

Don’t worry SwiftKey offers you guys a Premier Pack of 10 new premium themes to download, worth $4.99, for free.

An additional three free themes from the store for all including the new users of this smart keyboard.

Download SwiftKey 5 keyboard from Google Play store

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