Bolt Brings Simple Free Voice Calling App

Bolt releases their free calling VoIP app for android powered mobiles.

Whenever it comes to VoIP calling apps,we just keep an extra app to do the process ie one for making VoIP calls and another for making calls to the one’s who are not in our VoIP lists and if you want to make regular calls with your current VoIP app you will have to buy credits which is really a headache.

Features of Bolt ( for Android ) free voice calling app

The new app from bolt solves this issue, by the simply integrating with your normal dailer of Android mobiles, no need to buy credits if your friend isn’t using bolt app, the app simply sends the call over your network carrier and uses your current voice plan, if you friend is using bolt , the call will be taken over web which is free.Bolt automatically puts the contacts whom you contacted the most to favourite list. What if there is No Internet Connection ?
Bolt will use existing cellular connections to make calls even when you don’t have internet access.

Download Bolt Free Calling App from Playstore

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