Dingaling App,Free Voice Calling To India,US,UK,Canada,China


DingalingWhen ever we read about free calling Android app or iPhone app the first thing that we look for is,whether the other user should have the same app that he is using for calling purpose ie many apps only provide app to app free calling.Yes there are also apps which facilitate app to calling to real mobile or landline numbers,but in this case free calling is not there you will have to burn some bucks to get connected to your dear ones who are in your country or abroad.

Dingaling a new free voice calling app for Android and iPhone gives us some relief as the app provides free calling to India,US,Canada,China.

So why this app will standout in the crowd of free calling apps available in the Android or iTunes store ?

It’s the ability of app to make free calls to your friends mobile or landline number,ie your friend need not have the app installed in his smartphone.All you have to do is enter the phone number in the dial pad of the app and hit the free call button.

The next thing that will you will be wondering how long each conversation can go ?

Each free call can have a minimum duration of 10 min for India and you can make calls for free for about 30 min for countries like US and Canada.

dingaling appHow many times you can make calls to a single number,landline or mobile ?

Dingaling offers 2 hours of free calling per month to the free tier countries.

Do dingaling offers free Sms ?

Currently they offers only free messaging between dingaling users only.

What if you don’t have a smartphone ?

Don’t worry you can make free calls via their web interface.All you have to do is login to your account by visiting dingaling.ca and enter your number in the From Field and the other number to whom you want to make call in the To box.Soon you will get the call back from dingaling when you hit make free call button and both the numbers will be connected.

Which number will be shown when you call to friends ?

Dingaling will show the number that you used during registration ie your mobile number in international format.

Now talking about the concerns of dingaling free international voice calling app

  • Like any other apps this app has also ads in the footer.
  • No search functionality in contacts,ie if your friends name starts with ‘G’ you will have to scroll from top.
  • The call log in the app shows number instead of names.
  • There is bit lag in voice reaching the reciever of call a temporary issue which will be solved when they move to cloud servers.

Hope we covered Dingaling app review covering almost all aspects.

Enjoy free international voice calls with Dingaling.

Download Dingaling Free Voice Calling App For Android (21 MB )

Download Dingaling Free Voice Calling App For iPhone or iPad (25 MB )

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    Dingaling..nice app
    thanks for information

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    Dear Sir,

    Is dingaling offering any franchisee in india?

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    very nice app

  4. 6

    sir, i am unable to find passward after logging in written on with in 5 minut but no responce

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