Cocospy An Easy Way To Track And Keep An Eye Or Monitor Teenagers

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In last five years, the usage of a smartphone has increased tremendously. Apple today has the net worth of $900 billion and 40% of the net worth contributed by the iPhone business. The majority of the consumers of an iPhone are teenagers and consumers who are below 25.

According to the reports last year in the USA, many parents filed missing cases of their children. The cases were cracked and revealed that teenagers, the kidnappers used social media and text messaging to contact and lure the teenagers.

Currently, there are hundreds of missing cases of teenagers all around the world in every Police station.

You can monitor your teenager children by using special apps that allow you to keep an eye on them. You can view, edit, and organise text messages and the activity of your children’s smartphone from a remote location.

How to do that?

What is Coco say?

To keep an eye on your children’s smartphone, you can take the help of Cocospy that gives you remote access to the children’s smartphone. Let us take a tour of the features, so you can understand the control you can have on the teenager’s smartphone.

Whatsapp Spy: Almost every person we meet today is using Whatsapp for day-to-day texting. Whatsapp is used to communicate with friends and family. If you have access to the inbox, then you can learn the activity of your children’s.

Instagram Spy: Instagram is the next popular social media platform that many teenagers are using today. Instagram DM’s is not popular for communication, but send and receive random pictures of unknown people. It would give you an idea of whom and how your children’s are hanging out.

Snapchat Spy: Snapchat is popular among the teenager’s, and millions of USA teenager’s use it. You can read, view, and access Snapchat content without any extra permission.

Website history: Web browser history is also an important part of the monitoring. You get the access to the history, and you can filter them as well.

Facebook Inbox: Facebook is the world biggest social media platform and you open, view, and read the messages in the inbox without any additional permission. The latest privacy policy of the Facebook won’t affect the Cocospy app.

Viber Spy: Cocospy has added a detailed feature that lets you view Pictures, Videos, Text’s, and history.

Call Tracker: Cocospy enables you to track all Incoming and Outgoing calls on the monitored device. But, make sure the recipient doesn’t delete the call history.

Track SMS and Location: The SMS the monitored device is sending and receiving can be viewed and saved as well. Coming to the location, you can also keep track of the monitored device location. If the monitored device enables Internet, then the information will be updated.

Geofence Alert: The alert program enables you to draw across the line, and when the device leaves the border, then you receive an alert about it. You can instantly find the person location and act according to yourself.

Track SIM: In case, if the device owner is swapping SIM cards without your knowledge, then you can learn about the swapping in an instant from the dashboard. SIM card swapping or any changes will be notified to you. You can start tracking another mobile location without any issues, even when the SIM cards are swapped.

How to use Cocospy?

Allow us to take you on a short tour of Dashboard and Navigation.

Step 1: Go to the official site and sign up with a valid email address.

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Step 2: Once you have verified, and then install the app on the monitored device. The dashboard recognises the device.

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Step 3: From the left sidebar, you can navigate the options, and you can select to view and read messages.

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Step 4: You can view social media messages, and also track the location without any hiccups.

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Overall, Cocospy comes handy, when you have a teenager meeting new people and prone to world’s evil. You can protect your children’s by keeping an eye on their smartphone. After all, the communication begins and ends from the mobile.


Cocospy comes with free and paid version, but the free version is limited, while the paid version unlocks all features. Try the free version before you make your final decision. Let us know what do you think about the Cocospy in the comment section below.

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