Cybersafe Top Secret Free Encrytion Software Review

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Protecting sensitive information in digital format is hard as there are more prying eyes. One simple way to protect all those sensitive information is by encryption of those data on your computer by using software’s designed to do that specific task. One such software to put various types of encryption to the file or drive you wish is Cybersafe Top Secret. Currently like any other software this has also got a free version and paid version.

Now lets get to the review of encryption software Top Secret from Cybersafe.

The software is available for free as told earlier, the installer can be fetched by going here. Whether you are a newbie or a professional, installing the software doesn’t have any complexity. It’s like installing any other softwares you probably know.

CyberSafe Encryption Software review

The installation get completed in few minutes . After the successful installation you are greeted with user interface of the cybersafe encryption software. UI or interface looks simple and its also easy to understand. The left side bar gives you all the encryption functionalities like keys, file encryption, digital signature and drive encryption as shown below

CyberSafe Encryption Software review interface

Now if you are newbie you will be wondering how to protect your files by putting encryption for them ?

The task is pretty simple with cybersafe

1. From the file encryption category on the left side bar choose ” Encrypt to send”.

CyberSafe Encryption Software review picture one

2. From center top position choose ” Encrypt each file separately”  as given below.

CyberSafe Encryption Software review picture two

3. Now drag and drop the file that you need to put encryption and click ” Next”.

4. In the next screen choose the type of encryption that you are going to put in file. For time being we have selected ” Encrypt files by password” and click ” next “.  The screenshot of the step is added below.

CyberSafe Encryption Software review picture three

5. Now its time, you can select variety of encryption algorithm from the drop down menu that you can put in the file like AES, BLOWFISH, CAMELLA etc. The key length of encryption can also be chosen which starts from 128 bit and goes up to 256 bits. Various modes are also available in Cybersafe Top Secret namely CBC, CFB, CTR, OFB, XTS.  Whats more you can also give compression level to the file that you are going to protect. After setting up the necessary parameters click “next”.  And enter the the desired password, click “ok”.

CyberSafe Encryption Software top secret review picture four

If the encryption is successful you see like this shown in picture below.

CyberSafe Encryption Software top secret review picture five

There are options in which you can protect the sensitive or personal files by encrypting an entire drive or by making a virtual drive.

Creating a virtual drive is better rather than encrypting an entire drive. In order to create a virtual drive with cybersafe Top Secret select ” Virtual drive” which comes under drive encryption from the left side bar. Click on ” Create”  now put an appropriate name and click ” Create” in the pop up now you are seeing. Enter the desired password, size of the disk and encryption algorithm ( AES and GOST are the available ones for virtual disk)  and proceed. The virtual disk will be created and in order to move the files to it just hit the ” Mount ” choose a letter for the disk and proceed. Now go to my computer you can see the drive you have just created now.

What all extra features are offered by cybersafe Top Secret encryption software ?

– Hiding files and folders : with this you can hide specific file or folders. The items remain still hidden even if cybersafe is uninstalled from your system.
– Two-Factor Authentication : its another added advantage of this encryption software. This means that you not only need to know the password to access encrypted files, but also you need to have the private key, which must be stored in a secured place. So even if someone managed to find out the password they still won’t be able to open the file as the key is in your possession.
– Certificate-Based Encryption : Available ones are (Open SSL, Open PGP, CryptoPRO), as well as certificates in the X.509 and PKC#12 formats.
– Supports Several Cryptoproviders : OpenSSL, OpenPGP, CryptoPro CSP.
– The Trusted Applications System : With this option you can specify which all programs can access the protected folder the files are kept in.
– Cloud encryption – with help of this option you can encrypt the files that you upload to cloud services.

Now lets get to the concerns

– Sometimes the language is Russian for certain dialogue box on windows 8.
– High price for ultimate version if you want to get almost all features unlocked.

Final verdict : If you are looking for a transparent software with open source code with a professional touch then Cybersafe Top Secret encryption software fits you.

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