Download UC Browser v 9.4 Test Beta Version Java


If you are a die hard fan of UC browser java version and waiting eagerly for trying out the new version before its available for the public,then UC Browser v 9.4 Test Beta Version is now released.

What’s New in UC Browser v 9.4 java ?

  • The problem of automatically logging-out from some websites has been solved.
  •   Smaller size for a faster startup speed.
  •   Touch-screen phone models can now preview uploaded pictures.
  •   Indian customer service hotline now available.
  • When the language is set to English as default, users will be recommended to switch to their native language.
  • You can copy text, such as version information, from the HELP page.

Note : Guys this is only a test version

Click here to download .jar UC Browser v 9.4 java test version.

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    very helpful browser to download files faster.

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