Norton antivirus free launched for Android

Norton antivirus free launched for Android

Symantec has introduced a free antivirus for Android devices, which scans all downloads to the phone. The Norton Mobile Security 2.0, which is in beta version, automatically removes threats detected and keeps it updated all the time as well.

The app doesn’t update itself when users are roaming to protect them from unwanted data charges. The users can launch the manual scan for malware anytime on their Android phones.

Whenever the Android phone of the users is stolen or lost, they can lock the phone using the Norton Mobile Security Lite. This is where the free edition of the app stops working, if the users need the ability to remove their data remotely, they will need to pay for the full version of the product.

A similar antivirus product for tablets is also offered by Kaspersky, but there remote locking or other phone specific features are not available.

The users who have a paid version get protected against phishing also, so next time they visit a fraudulent website on their mobile browser, the paid version of Norton Mobile Security would promptly warn the user.

To download go to link Download

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