Steganos Online Shield VPN Free License Worth $29.95

Privacy is the main thing when we surf internet. To safeguard your privacy there are many free VPN services available in the market. What matters is the limitations that they put on their services, some times ads will be a problem or bandwidth is problem or they just simply put some other restrictions.

So it’s time to choose a premium VPN. Steganos is one of the prominent player in this area.

Features of Steganos Online Shield

– Protect yourself from snoopers on public Wi-Fi hotspots, for example in hotels or offices
– Bypass censorship projects in your country
– Protect your Internet connection with just one click
– IP address protection
– Fast and secure external server in various countries

Features of Steganos app for android
– Free of charge ( 500 MB free per month ) and no ads
– No reduction in speed during surfing
– Ip encryption
– View blocked videos

So how to get free license worth $29.95 of Steganos ?

For this all you need is an email id,no credit card info is required. Visit the promo link ( page is in some other language,use chrome or google translator ) and enter your email address,wait for few minutes . Your free one year subscription with all necessary details will given.

Note : There is a limit of 5 GB per month.

Promo end date : unknown

Enjoy free premium privacy from Steganos

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