What Sport Is Profitable to Bet On?

What Is the Best Sport to Bet On? – True Tips From Experts

For new betting beginners, no matter who it is, 22Bet or a lesser-known company,   everything is interesting. Every newcomer has many questions, including what kind of sport is best to bet on. Experts have made detailed sign up guides for 22Bet registration steps and sorted out the most important points and gave recommendations for beginner players.


Professional forecasters have highlighted several important points on how to choose which sport is best for you to bet on:


  • The player must be very well oriented and knowledgeable in this type of sport. They have to know the composition and motivation of teams. As well as have access to semi-closed and closed information about the upcoming match. All this will allow you to quickly assess not only the favorites/outsiders but also the reality of the odds in the bookies.


  • Popular (world championships, 1 league) and unpopular (2-3 leagues, youth national teams) tournaments. The advantage of well-known championships is the relative ease of analysis. The advantage of lower leagues is that the sportsbook does not always prioritize correctly. Very often you can see matches where equal teams meet, but one has the 1st team playing and the other the 3rd team. And the bookmaker’s office didn’t take that into account.


  • Large and small markets. The advantage of the enormous markets (P1, draw, P2, TB 2.5, zero handicaps) is the minimum bookmaker’s margin of 5-8%. Small markets (corner kicks, kicks to the net, individual totals) are also very popular with bettors. As here the bookie can not accurately calculate the optimal odds – the same teams almost always give different results. What’s important – over time, the office will cut the maximum bet.


What kind of sport to bet on (soccer, tennis, basketball, hockey, volleyball, baseball, water polo, etc.) is not that important. The key thing is to understand every detail and know the actual situation and atmosphere in the team.

What Sport Is Better to Bet On, Team or Singles?

Team games (soccer, basketball, hockey, etc.) have several advantages:

  • High odds on well-known championships;
  • An injured player can be replaced;
  • The weather does not strongly influence the outcome;
  • Wide coverage in the line: corners, penalties, etc.


All this allows you to make a more accurate prediction on any team. But there is a BUT! Exactly where you can see outright plums and referee with gross errors, due to which the result is the opposite.


The main advantage of single games is that only two outcomes are possible, that is, there can be no draw. But the analysis here is much more difficult. That’s because you have to take into account the health of a single athlete, the weather conditions, the type of ground cover, and much more. It is worth understanding that an average and severe injury to one of the athletes in most cases will lead to defeat – there will be no substitutions!


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