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1 Terabyte (TB) Of Cloud for Free & Forever From Mail.RU

1 Terabyte (TB) Of Cloud for Free & Forever From Mail.RU

cloud promo 1 tb

Image Credit:mail.ru

1 TB of free cloud space is offered from mail.ru for free.

How to get this whooping 1 TB of cloud storage for free ?

1. Signup for an account at http://e.mail.ru/signup?from=login&lang=en_US the page is in English.

2. Open this link at http://cloud.mail.ru/promo/ the page is in Russian,you can translate the page into English with Google Chrome or Firefox readers may read this : Automatic Google Website translator Addon For Firefox.

3. Click on Get Button. (big black button located at bottom centre of page as seen in the first picture of this post ).

4. Download their cloud app either on windows/linux/mobile device to get upgraded to 1024 GB for free.

Download Links:

Android Cient: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=ru.mail.cloud
Windows Client: https://desktopcloud.cdnmail.ru/windows/Mail.Ru_Cloud.exe

Android app screenshot

cloud promo 1 tb

This offer expires on 20 Jan 2013

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