The best internet browser if you dont have unlimited internet plan.

Data saved for me by opera

When Opera Turbo is enabled, webpages are compressed via Opera’s servers so that they use much less data than the originals. This means that there is less to download, so you can see your webpages more quickly.
Enabling Opera Turbo is as simple as clicking the Opera Turbo icon at the bottom-left of the Opera browser window. When you are on a fast connection again and Opera Turbo is not needed, the Opera browser will automatically disable it..

 When opera turbo feature is enabled.


How to enable it?
1.Click the Opera Turbo button on the status bar.

 2.The Opera Turbo button turns green, indicating that it is enabled.

 You can see how much data you have saved after you load a page by clicking the Opera Turbo badge in the address field.

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