How to load images faster in WordPress Without A Plugin ?

Loading images in WordPress has always been a headache for many of bloggers around the globe. Especially when we write a blog post about some tutorials stuff,to give a clear understanding we add necessary images to idea more clear,which means there will be more than one image.

Now you will be thinking that I am going to explain about some plugin that will help you to load images quickly in self hosted WordPress powered blogs ! It’s big NO. Even though there are many free WordPress plugins to do the task for you,most of the plugins still loads the images from your blog.

Then without using any plugins how can you load images faster in WordPress ?

The answer lies within the WordPress itself. When ever we add images to a post ,most of the time we click ” Add media ” and upload our images to our post. During this process have you noticed the piece of html code in the text editor ? It looks like this as shown in the picture, with image size,image alt text,image url,image alignment.

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Now we are concentrating on the image url. Think that if images are loaded from another server ? There are so many image hosting sites to do this task for you. Some of them have bandwidth limitations for images, which may be a problem for some of you. One of the image hosting site with no limitations on bandwidth is, create an account there, drop your image in that, after successful uploading of image you will get a direct link to the image. Now you know what to do with the link. If you don’t know then replace your url with the direct link as shown in the picture.

Usual format for pictures when uploaded

<pre><a href=”“><img alt=”Free .co domain name Godaddy” src=”” width=”470″ height=”310″ /></a></pre>

Now how will the new html code will look after uploading to the image hosting sites you wish,for example we have used minus,after uploading the image to minus,click on the Share button which will gives you  Direct Link,Image Link,Forum Code,HTML Code,Thumbnail Link.From this choose Direct link, the new HTML code looks like this

<pre><a href=”“><img alt=”Free .co domain name Godaddy” src=”” width=”470″ height=”310″ /></a></pre>

So loading the images will be much more faster with this simple tweak .So finally is it possible to do the same with ” Featured Image ” ? In this case we have to tell you that its currently not possible, in near future it may come.

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