Android Apps,Iphone apps,Windows Apps Of The Day

Every some of the apps for various smart phones OS just goes for free, for day or only for certain hours.Now is the time we can grab all those premium ap this ps for free.

Grab it while you can

Free Android apps

TimeLock – Your hidden Safe

Postr ( save $0.99 ) – Postr is a simple and easy to use app that allows you to post messages & photos to multiple accounts on multiple social networks at once

Quest Defense – Tower Defense ( save $0.99 )

Free IOS apps

Beatdown now free ( save $0.99 )
Parker Planner now free ( save $2.99 )
Diana Photo now fee ( save $0.99 )
WorldScan – Scan Documents & Share PDF now free ( save $2.99 )
ClouDrop for Cloudapp now free ( save $0.99 )
Redd – reddit client now free ( save $0.99 )
Ascension: Chronicle of the
Godslayer now free ( save $5.49 )
Alpha Zero now free ( save$2.99 )
Africa – Animal Adventures for Kidsnow free ( save $1.99 )
Asia – Animal Adventures for Kids now free ( save $2.99 )
Random Runners now free ( save $0.99 )

Free Windows Phone apps

MD Cocktail now free ( save $0.99 )
Oxford Advanced Dictionary now free

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