DollarWP Managed WordPress Hosting Review

DollarWP managed WordPress hosting

DollarWP managed WordPress hostingManaged or Cloud WordPress hosting is something that we have not reviewed till now just because they are too costly for any blogger or medium sized website owners compared to the shared hosting plans. But not any more! DollarWP a new managed WordPress hosting is offering their service free for 60 days and then just starting from 1$/month.

Dollarwp managed WordPress hosting features and various economical hosting plans

As our first priority we tried their customer support service availability and their response time!

The live chat representative was always there in the website to help us with all our technical and presales questions irrespective of the time zones. Thumbs up guys! as you managed to offer instant support rather than going for old school email ticket support system to every customers or users.

DollarWP managed WordPress hosting

DollarWP managed WordPress hosting : Live Chat

Free managed WordPress hosting for 60 days

In this area also Dollarwp managed scores compared to any other managed hosting providers for self hosted WordPress content management system. So how?

With no strings attached, Dollarwp provides you with 60 days of free trial ie no credit card details are required to start your free trial.

So what happens after 60 days?

You can either upgrade or your service will send automatically cancelled by the system.

Is there any difference between paid and free packages?

Yes, you will get more speed once you are paid customer.

Free WordPress website migration

Starting a blog or website is pretty simple as most of you know it already but transferring it is difficult for some, as you need to transfer both wp contents and database separately to the new host for your previous installation to work perfectly. Encountering an error in the above process gets the things messy! To avoid a mess with your installation you can let the Dollarwp professionals to handle this job as they offer free wp migration even in free 2 months trial package.

Uptime offered

To make sure that your WordPress blog or website is available for the most of the time, Dollarwp offers you 99.95% rather than 99.9% uptime offered by many of the shared hosting providers.


To sure you can recover from a disaster this managed WordPress hosting service provider backup your precious contents and database on a daily basis.

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This is so far the most important as your WordPress core is taken. This process can also be automated/scheduled for off peak time by choosing this WordPress hosting provider.

Money back guarantee

Most unlikely to happen with this WordPress hosting provider! If not satisfied with them within the first 90 days and you can get your money back.

Control panel

To manage your blog or website behind the scenes Dollarwp offers you custom panel to manage emails, upgrades, installs, affiliates, migration, DNS etc

DollarWP hosting

DollarWP hosting : Client Side Control Panel

Various plans to choose from Dollarwp with instant set up and activation

DollarWP Plans

DollarWP Hosting Plans

The very first plan called Newbie is aimed at newbie bloggers and small website owners as it’s priced only at $1/month. Free plan comes loaded with

  • Storage – 1 GB
  • Bandwidth unlimited
  • Visits / mo – 10,000
  • WP Install – 1

Standard or economical WordPress hosting plan being priced at $3.95 per month offers you

  • Storage – unlimited
  • Bandwidth unlimited
  • WP Installs – 3
  • Visits / mo – 25,000
  • Managed Upgrades
  • Free Speed Tuning
  • Daily Backups
  • One-Click Restore
  • One-Click Staging

Business or all in one plan at only $7.95 offers

  • Visits / mo – 50,000
  • WP Installs – 10
  • Email Boxes unlimited
  • Rest features same as standard plan

The most advanced plan for developers comes with a price tag of $19.95 per month offers

  • Visits / mo – 50,000
  • WP Installs unlimited
  • Rest same as Business plan

Affiliate program

With Dollarwp affiliate program you can even refer friends to try the free trail offered and bag credits for it.

  • $5 USD for every ‘Free Trial’ account you refer
  • $20 USD for every ‘Newbie’  account you refer
  • $50 USD for every ‘Standard’ account you refer
  • $100 USD for every ‘Business’ account you refer
  • $150 USD for every ‘Professional’ account you refer

Note : Dollarwp affiliate requires you to submit tax form for US and non US to get your payment in PayPal. Minimum payout $100


  • No CDN

Final Words

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One comment

  1. 1

    They have the dumbest, worst support group ever. Initially, I was thinking of giving this out a try since I am thinking of migrating multiple websites to WordPress. But I am on the dashboard panel and for some reason, i just cannot access the admin page of the supposedly trial wordpress site. Now, what’s my response? To go to the supposedly helpful chat support.

    When I reached out, I asked if he (specifically a guy/girl named SANDERS) could check out my account since the email would give you everything. He still asked for the domain of the site and I gave it to him, even though e could have just looked it up.

    Next thing, I initially told him that I have no idea what happened to the admin page, since this is the 2nd time I will be accessing the wordpress. Then he babbled on some technical linggo even after telling him I did not know what happened to the site.

    I told him I would not know what he was talking about and he responded with some mumbo jumbo again.

    Here’s the convo:

    Sanders: You need to remove www rule from the code
    →yeah so how am i supposed to end the site from the admin page if i cannot eeven access the admin page
    Sanders: That is what I mentioned… you need to modify the code
    →im not even sure how it got a www code
    Sanders: the Script


    Again, I already emphasized I would not know anything about the script. I basically just logged in an out and boom, this is what happened. So the obviously inexperienced tech guy already said I was “abusing” him, while not determining the fact that he was unable to actually help me.


    I told him about my disappointment in his service and told him i would be writing a bad review. His response as a GOOD tech support? SURE! Why the hell not!


    Lesson (especially if you are starting out and you do not really have any reputation yet): Treat your customers like gold. Understand what they need and NEVER EVER ACCUSE THEM OF ABUSING YOU (like seriously? We’re chatting. How is that abuse?!??!)

    Lastly, he was the one who ended the chat even before the customer ended it.

    Clearly, the management and the entire company do not have defined measures for success. I really hope and pray this company rots.

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