Nanu Android App For Free Calling USA,India

Nanu android app

Nanu android app

Nanu android app : Image credit Nanu

Nanu is a new free calling android app that have appeared in the Android market recently. Unlike other free calling apps what makes Nanu stand out in the crowd is that they offer free nanu to non nanu users, like always they also offer free unlimited Nanu to Nanu calls.

Nanu free calling android app features

Nanu Free Calling Android App

Nanu android app : Simple Dial Pad

Like any other android apps Nanu has also put a introduction tips to make the using of it a simple task as soon as you open the app, slide the screens to skip the intro. With a simple design the free calling android app called Nanu welcomes you with the dial pad. The top portion of the dial shows your remaining free minutes to call non Nanu users around the globe the footer gives you access to various phone contacts, recent, favourites etc.

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So now you will be wondering how can Nanu android app provide you free calls?

The answer is simple, when you make calls to non Nanu users instead of old fashioned ” Ring Ring”  you will hear ads playing and also picture ads are shown above end button when you make a call

Our experience with Nanu

We tried to make calls to non Nanu user in 2G network, call was placed but the voice took a long time to reach the receiver. Next we tried the same in 3G network with a non Nanu user, the voice reaching the receiver time is now improved.

Nanu resource usage on android mobile that we tested

Seems like Nanu requires only 17 MB of storage and 16 MB of Ram. Good job developers, screenshots below

Nanu Free Calling Android App

Nanu android app : Storage usage

Nanu Free Calling Android App

Nanu android app : Ram usage

Nanu free calling to landlines, country list

Argentina, Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, China, Columbia, Cyprus, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Ireland, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Romania, Russia, Singapore, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden,Israel, Italy, Kazakhstan, Korea South, Malaysia, Malta, Mexico, Switzerland, Thailand, United Kingdom, United States, Venezuela.

Nanu free calling to mobile phones, country list

Germany, Hungary, India, Ireland, Israel, Spain, Thailand, USA,Singapore.

What we liked about Nanu free calling android app

  • Small installation package
  • Easy to use dial pad as shown below
  • No in app purchases or footer ads

Note : You need to verify your mobile number to start using the Nanu android app. The free calling is limited to 15 minutes to non users for the first 1 million users who download Nanu.

Nanu Free Calling Android App

Nanu android app : Free voice calling

Wrapping up

Nanu android app has got a long way to travel when 2G is considered, you can spread the word to get more from Nanu .

Download Nanu android app

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